Arnold Pacey’s The Culture of Technology

In the first chapter of The Culture of Technology, Arnold Pacey begins marking out definitions for technology, and by doing so making us aware of the cultural layers underneath. He starts out by defining technology in the way that it is usually seen today. It is “culturally, morally and politically neutral. Technology is independent of local value-systems and it doesn’t influence cultural values and isn’t influenced by cultural values”. Pacey then uses the first chapter to explain to us the errors this definition. He does this through more definitions. Pacey shows us that there are different levels in the definition of technology and that their needs to be some consistency when talking about them. Here we are introduced to the term technology-practice. The term practice is defined as skills and knowledge that is localized to one context/culture. On the other hand the technical aspects and basic knowledge of technology is universal. So we can use the basic knowledge of technology to affect and change the practices of technology in specific cultures and contexts.

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